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People often ask if they should buy their tickets here in the UK, or wait until they get there. Well I suppose the answer depends on what you want to do and if you have your itinerary planned, but generally it's better to get them before you go as this will save time queueing to buy them at the gate. Of course you don't have to buy them from a UK outlet, many of the American companies selling tickets will happily post them to the UK, and dependent upon the exchange rate, you could get a better deal.  

Before buying your tickets, check around for details of special offers. For example if you called to book a three day pass for Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure, we know of one outlet that would sell you it without telling you of the special offer of 14 days for the price of 3. 

If you've never been to Disney and intend to spend a lot of time there, the 10 day pass offers the best value. This is only available in the UK, and gives you 10 days entrance to any of Magic Kingdom, EPCoT, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach. Even with 10 days, you still won't see everything there is, so there'll be plenty left for your next trip.   One difference with this ticket is that it expires 21 days after it is first used, so you can't keep any unused days. With the other Disney passes, if you don't use all your days, just keep the tickets and you can use the remaining days on your next trip (even years later).

One word of warning about Discounted Tickets - in general don't risk it!   there are strange touts who will approach you in the shopping malls and offer you discounted tickets in return for attending their timeshare presentation. First do you really want to waste a day of your holiday getting the hard sell, and secondly there are often restrictions on how and when the tickets can be used.  

There are also booths everywhere offering to buy tickets which have unused days remaining so they can sell them on. If you read the small print, you'll see that all tickets are non-transferable. The parks are wising up to people coming in on tickets purchased this way, and Disney now have fingerprint recognition at the turnstiles to stop their tickets being used by anyone other than the original owner. Once again, just don't do it!  

The one exception to this is Coupon Books - there are dozens of these, and they can be found in the entrance to every shop and diner you'll visit. Some of the smaller attractions (Gatorland, Wonderworks, and most of the Dinner Shows) have coupons which will get you a discount on the regular price when you book. For a larger family this can make a real saving, and even a family of four could save around $10.  

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